There is no doubt that Garretson Food Center's catering food is one of the best in the region. The main entrees are all home cooked and the sides are delicious to complete a hot meal.  We have over 20 years experience and have traveled within 150 miles of the tri-state area.

There are hot meals selections, breakfast meals, sandwich meal deals and finger foods to choose from. We pride ourselves in accommodating service along with pleasing mouth watering cooked meals. 

Garretson Food Center has downsized their catering due to the loss of our partner/cook selling his building with the kitchen.  We are able to cater to 125 people or less for the one meat meal or two meat meals listed.  We are able to cater some meals at higher numbers such as sandwich meals (hot or cold) or hot dish meals.  Call us. 

We appreciate your business in the past and future.  Ron and Lorie Luke

See our menu and catering brochure for food choices.